Google’s generative search feature now shows related videos and images

Google is adding contextual images and videos to its AI-powered Search Generative Experiment (SGE), the generative AI-powered search feature announced at May’s I/O conference. Later in the month, the company made the feature available to select users who signed up for the experiment through Google Labs.

With the updates, SGE now shows images or videos related to the search query. For instance, if you are looking for “tiniest birds of prey” or “how to remove marble stains,” you will see pictures of birds or videos related to stain removal directly in the generative search suggestion box.

Google said that it is also now showing the date of publishing for links that are suggested by SGE.

“To help you better understand how recent the information is from these web pages, we recently added publish dates to each link. And we’re continuing to experiment with new, easier ways for people to find web pages that support information in AI overviews,” the company said.

The search giant added that it recently made performance improvements so that users can quickly get AI-powered results.

Users can sign up to test these new AI-powered search features through Search Labs and later access them through the Google app on iOS and Android or through Chrome on desktop.

Google is trying its hand at generative AI through different products. Its chatbot, Bard, recently launched in the EU and extended support to 40 languages. The company has also rolled out multiple AI-powered features across Workspace tools. Google has also brought generative AI to enterprise solutions. Earlier this week, Axios reported that Google Assistant will also pivot to accommodate generative AI.


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