Snapchat partners with MTV to let users vote for VMAs through Lenses

MTV has partnered with Snapchat to let users vote for a Video Music Awards category through Lenses. The entertainment company is leveraging Snap’s Camera Kit to integrate AR-based experiences into the award show.

Users will be able to vote on the Best New Artist once the three finalists are decided. They can use a special Lens, developed by Saucealitos, to signal one, two or three using their fingers to select an artist to vote. These votes will count toward the final tally, but it is tough to say if the amount of people voting through Snapchat will make a significant difference.

MTV said that an AR Moonperson will appear throughout the POV VMA livestream with fan-submitted selfies. The entertainment company has used a rather old-school way of having people submit selfies using a form prior to the event.

MTV VMAs will have AR Moonperson

Image Credits: Snap x MTV

People can also try an AR Moonperson effect to see it as a projection in their home. They can select a selfie from their camera roll to see the Moonperson floating around with their face visible in the visor.

Snap said that these Lenses will be live at 11 AM ET on September 12, hours before the VMA begins at 8 PM ET.

MTV said that VMAs 2022 had 40.1 million interactions across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Notably, Snapchat was missing from the list. However, MTV mentioned that Snapchat is ideal for its target audience of 13- to 24-year-olds.

While Snapchat features last year’s VMAs on its Stories page, this is the first time it is officially collaborating with MTV.

The social network said that this is the first award show collaborating using the Camera Kit. Until now, Snap has partnered with different music festivals, artists on tours and sports tournaments to introduce AR experiences to fans. In July, Drake used Snapchat’s crying filter to show fans on a big screen making them look like they are crying. The LA Rams football team used similar tech in the stadium to show fans on the screen. In May, the team used a Snapchat lens to unveil its new uniform.

Last year, Snap signed a deal with Live Nation to bring AR experiences such as a 3D map of the venue to guide fans to some concerts. In April, both companies expanded the partnership to induce AR experiences into 16 more music festivals.

Snap is really homing in on the branded and AR-based camera solutions to drive revenue. In March, the company launched the AR Enterprise Services offering (ARES) with tools including AR Try-On and 3D product viewing. In April, Snap announced the AR Mirrors product under ARES to have the brand integrate its tech in physical spaces.


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