Promova’s new feature helps people with dyslexia learn a new language

Promova, the language learning app with more than 11 million users, today launched “Dyslexia Mode,” which uses a specialized typeface called Dysfont so people with dyslexia can learn a new language more easily. In addition, the new mode reduces color brightness and implements multi-sensory teaching techniques.

Dysfont was developed by designer Martin Pysny, who was diagnosed with dyslexia at seven years old. The font tackles the main challenges of reading, such as letter switching, letter reversals and text instability (words that appear to shake, move or change in shape). For example, Dysfont makes it easier to differentiate between the most common letter reversals: p, q, b and d. It also alters uppercase and lowercase letters to make them look as similar as possible.

“Unfortunately, people with dyslexia have always fallen behind in learning languages because the process is very exhausting for us,” Pysny said in a statement. “And, unfortunately, despite their popularity, language learning platforms are not designed for dyslexics… I’m grateful to Promova for becoming the first company in the world to implement this font. Together, we can help empower dyslexics to learn foreign languages successfully.”

Image Credits: Promova

“Ten to twenty percent of people around the world are dyslexic,” added Dr. Rebecca Mannis, learning specialist and founder of the Ivy Prep Learning Center. “Sixty to eighty percent of those have language-based learning problems, meaning that processing, or absorbing words — written or spoken — is a laborious process or that retrieval or expression — again, in conversation or writing — is difficult. They need customized systems for processing the information, practicing vocabulary and applying those grammar rules.”

There are plenty of apps that address other learning challenges that people with dyslexia experience, such as spelling, phonics and sentence structure. However, Promova is the first language learning app to launch a specific mode for dyslexic learners. Last year, Google launched an app called Reading Mode to help people with visual imparities and dyslexia read content on Android devices. The company also recently rolled out a reading mode on Google Chrome and Classroom for students with dyslexia and ADHD.

Promova’s new feature arrives just in time for National Dyslexia Awareness Month and is available for free on the platform. Users can enable Dyslexia Mode by going to their profile and tapping Settings.

Promova launched in 2019 to give learners custom lesson plans and other tools like vocabulary/grammar courses, tutoring sessions, a community page to chat with other users and progress tracking. The app offers nine languages — English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean and Ukrainian.


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