Chrome’s search bar now has smarter autocomplete, automatic typo fixes and more

Google is introducing five new updates to the Chrome address bar to make it easier to search the web, the tech giant announced on Wednesday. The changes include smarter autocompletion, automatic typo corrections, searches within bookmark folders, suggestions for popular sites and an improved visual layout.

The Chrome address bar will now autocomplete URLs based on words you have used in the past to search for a website. Previously, the address bar would only autocomplete URLs if you starting typing them from the beginning. For instance, if you wanted to navigate to Google Flights, you had to start typing out Now, you can type simply type “flights,” after which the address bar will autocomplete it to “”

Google Chrome's smarter address bar autocomplete

Image Credits: Google

Next, if you accidentally type out a word wrong or you make a typo, the address bar will now detect it and show you suggestions based on your previously visited websites. You can now also search within your bookmark folders directly from the address bar.

In addition, the address bar will now suggest popular sites even if you haven’t visited them before, or if you have mistyped the URL. Now, when you start typing the name of a popular website, the address bar will show you the website’s URL in the list of suggestions. From there, you can select it to go there directly without having to first search the name and then click on it from the search results.

The last change announced today brings an “improved visual layout” to the address bar. The search giant also says the address bar is now more responsive and will give users faster results “as soon as they start typing.”


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