TC+ Roundup: Is European venture showing signs of recovery?

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Today we’re looking at Q3 venture data coming out of Europe. Overall, European venture capital data is down sharply. But as my colleagues Anna Heim and Alex Wilhelm write, European venture is “down, but not out.”

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There’s a lot to like in the numbers, including the fact that the value of European deals grew 5.9% from Q2 2023 to Q3. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for later-stage deals.

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Tucker Carlson is a media startup founder — again

Tucker Carlson, media, startups

Image Credits: Scott Olson / Staff / Getty Images

After a long stint on Fox News, and a short stint featuring content on X, Tucker Carlson is back with a new venture-backed media company, Last Country. This isn’t the first time Carlson was involved with building a media company from scratch — he co-founded the Daily Caller in 2010 — but the media landscape is a lot different now. Last Country raised $15 million through a SAFE note from 1789 Capital, Omeed Malik’s venture fund. And Malik told TC reporter Rebecca Szkutak that Last Country’s business model might be its saving grace.

Why decided to build its new database instead of buying one

Database tables connected together on a blue background.

Image Credits: enot-poloskun / Getty Images’s flexibility is both boon and bane: It lets users customize their dashboards to their hearts’ content, but that creates a heavy load on the back end, and the company soon outgrew its database technology. After an exhaustive search, including both SQL and NoSQL solutions, the company landed on one that it knew would work: its own database, called MondayDB, which launched in July.

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Federal hydrogen hub program could give fuel a boost — or the boot

A sign denoting a hydrogen filling station.

Image Credits: Teka77 / Getty Images

One of the biggest failures of the clean tech bubble was biofuels, like corn ethanol, which ended up being as bad for the environment as burning gas. Now the feds are turning to hydrogen hubs as its next solution for the climate problem. But climate reporter Tim De Chant warns that the program runs the risk of repeating the same mistakes as biofuels: “It prioritizes political points over practical progress.”

Want to invest in startups? Here are 4 ways to get started as a solo GP

Stock illustration depicting startups and technology

Image Credits: Swillklitch / Getty Images

Foundersuite CEO Nathan Beckord pulled together some nuggets from his conversations with Zach Coelius, the managing partner of Coelius Capital. Coelius’ connections and relationships helped him become a solo GP, and he focuses on how he used that network to leverage favors that could get his foot in the right doors.


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