MacPaw’s new app helps you remove redundant photos from your iPhone

MacPaw, the developer of popular Mac and iOS apps, has released a new iPhone app called CleanMyPhone, which helps users free up storage by removing duplicate photos and other unwanted images.

The app is divided into three main tabs: declutter, organize and network. Declutter detects and scans your photo library on your local device to find duplicates, screenshots, screen recordings, TikTok videos, app folders and blurred images. By default, all images are selected to be cleaned in one tap. But you can unselect some images before cleaning up your photo library.

Organize scans your photos for the last seven days, the last 30 days or a custom range. Once the scan is complete, you will see categories such as pets, travel, portraits, food and others. You can add all these photos to a new folder.

MacPaw cleanmyphone

Image Credits: MacPaw

If you tap on a category, you will see “Similars” and “Uniques” options. Similars will have almost identical shots grouped together so you can remove either of them. In our testing, we saw that even photos with different filters or styles were grouped. That’s why you might want to have a look at some of the grouped photos before cleaning them. In the Uniques category, you might find some images that you can delete.

MacPaw cleanmyphone

Image Credits: MacPaw

If you don’t want the app to scan certain images, you can mark them as sensitive. The next time the app performs a scan, it will ignore all these images.

The app also has a network speed test for some reason. While it’s a useful tool overall, it feels like a mismatch in this app. The company said it included this feature to provide “comprehensive utility like CleanMyMac” — the company’s Mac-focused app to free up storage. In recent years, CleanMyMac has become an all-in-one utility app with several maintenance and security tools.

The free version of CleanMyPhone has certain limitations, such as access to only the “Other” category for organization and no ability to mark content as sensitive. To unlock these features users can pay an annual fee of $24.99. The company said it is aiming to release a one-time fee later this year.

MacPaw is also the company behind Setapp, a subscription service for macOS and iOS apps. Earlier this month, MacPaw became one of the first companies to publicly adopt Apple’s DMA rule changes, and announced that it is planning to release a Setapp alternative app store on iOS.


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