YouTube now lets creators share exclusive Shorts with their paying subscribers

YouTube is launching a version of Shorts that’s only for members, allowing creators to share short-form videos exclusively with their paying viewers. The new feature gives paying subscribers access to additional content, on top of their current membership perks, which include things like custom emojis, badges, livestreams and more.

Members Only Shorts on YouTube could entice viewers to sign up for a paid membership. YouTube says creators can use the new option to share a special announcement, product drop or limited-time deal. Creators can use Members Only Shorts for Q&As, behind-the-scenes looks or clips of upcoming content.

The launch comes as TikTok recently opened up its subscription offering to more creators. Earlier this month, TikTok announced that its LIVE Subscription monetization tool is being renamed to “Subscription” and is soon expanding to non-LIVE creators. The expansion means regular creators will be able to post exclusive videos that only paying subscribers can view.

After uploading a Short, creators can choose to make it available only to their subscribers by selecting the new “members only” option under the “visibility” section. Creators can also choose to set an existing Short as members only. Plus, creators have the option to schedule their Short to go from members only to public in order to give their subscribers early access to content before it becomes available to everyone else.

The Google-owned company encourages creators to keep these Shorts casual and more organic than their public content, likely to make subscribers feel like they have a more intimate look into the creator’s life and activities.

Members will see the exclusive short-form videos in the Shorts tab, Subscriptions feed and on a creator’s channel. The exclusive content will be displayed with a star icon, indicating that it’s only available to paying subscribers.

YouTube announced on Thursday that Shorts averages over 70 billion daily views and over 25% of channels in YouTube’s Partner Program monetize their videos through revenue-sharing on Shorts.


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