Vinod Khosla is coming to Disrupt to discuss how AI might change the future

Few figures in the tech industry have earned the storied reputation of Vinod Khosla, founder and partner at Khosla Ventures. For over 40 years, he has been at the center of Silicon Valley, building or backing some of the biggest, most influential tech companies. His career stems from his days as founder of Sun Microsystems and spans decades of venture investing. Khosla’s firm today is known for its stakes in companies like Affirm, Block, DoorDash, GitLab, Okta, and Opendoor, to name a few of the hundreds of successful portfolio companies.

These days, he’s at the center of OpenAI as one of the first VCs to back the company, writing a $50 million check back in 2019, years before ChatGPT captured the world’s attention.

Always future focused, Khosla will be our guest for a must-see keynote session at TechCrunch Disrupt 2024 this October, where he’ll discuss the major technology trends changing our lives.

Khosla believes artificial intelligence will change the structure of human society, enabling 7 billion people to live the way 700 million do. He sees a future where AI provides unlimited doctors, teachers, and laborers. And he’s investing in technologies that change our food and the economies to produce it, that produce new drugs and therapies, and in new building and manufacturing materials.

This wave of change will come with its set of issues, he warns: job displacement, inequity, scare mongering and misplaced regulation.

But ultimately he says he’s optimistic about what’s possible, and to those who want to be part of this powerful new future, he will share advice on what they must do now.

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