Headspace is bringing an immersive VR experience to Meta Quest 3 ‘soon’

Headspace is coming to Meta’s Quest 3 VR headset “soon” in partnership with Meta and Nexus Studios, Meta’s Head of Developer Relations Melissa Brown announced at Meta Connect today.

The Headspace experience is a “virtual playground for your mind” and a place to hang out with your friends and wind down, find your focus and feel more energized, Headspace told TechCrunch in an email. The company hopes that users take these valuable mindfulness skills learned from these experiences and integrate them into their daily lives.

The experience will focus on two things: “Mindfulness experiences that calibrate your mind and body to improve your performance across any VR apps you use” and “Mindfulness experiences that help you transition out of VR and back to the real world.” Headspace says this Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality world is an opportunity for it to expand its mental health resources and make its service more accessible to people around the world.

Information about the official launch date and the name of the immersive experience will be announced in the coming months, Headspace says.

At its event today, Meta unveiled its $500 Quest 3 headset that features improved passthrough tech, higher res displays and better graphics. The company also announced that Xbox Cloud Gaming is coming to Meta Quest 3 in December, and that Roblox is launching on Meta Quest VR headsets today.

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