Video app Detail’s new feature helps you record multi-camera podcasts using iPhones

Detail, a startup with video recording and editing apps for Mac and iPhone, has released a new multiplayer feature that lets users easily record a multi-camera podcast through two iPhones (or iPads) wirelessly.

The multiplayer feature, launched as an update to Detail for iOS, also automatically syncs video and audio feeds between two devices to remove editing overhead. Plus, you can quickly edit the podcast to switch between different layouts such as side-by-side, picture-in-picture or full-screen layouts.

Two phones recording podcast in Detail

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The company released its Mac app in 2022 on the App Store after testing it in public beta for a year. The startup released its iOS app earlier this year. The iPhone app offers features including easy templates and tools to make reaction videos, tutorial videos and video resumes with features such as a live green-screen editor, AI captions and teleprompter. The Mac app facilitates video editing with features like AI-generated video descriptions and hashtags.

Users can record the audio from the iPhone’s built-in mics. But they can also use lavalier mics (small mics) to record with better audio quality. Detail app captures both audio and video locally and then syncs them. This helps you if you don’t have an external audio interface or mixer for separate audio tracks.

Tools like Zoom and Meet let you record a call, but Detail founder Paul Veugen said that podcasts don’t need to look like video calls.

“While our product on Mac evolved, we realized that people come to us for two things: a fully edited podcast episode that they can share instantly and great short-form content that helps them reach and build an audience on different platforms. But setting up cameras and recording on your Mac is still pretty complicated. We now simplify this to a few taps on iOS. It feels like we finally deliver on our promise of making pro video accessible for everyone,” Veugen told TechCrunch over an email.

He added that multi-camera setup is complicated and Detail wanted to make it easy for creators to have that freedom of different camera angles by just using iPhones. Notably, the iOS app already allows users to record with front and back cameras simultaneously.

Detail has raised a total of $7 million in funding with backers including Adjacent, TQ Ventures, Point Nine Capital, Connect Ventures, Hustle Fund, Alexander Ljung, Anke Huiskes, Hiten Shah and Sten Tamkivi.

Veugen noted that in the coming weeks Detail aims to roll out features such as remote recording, AI-powered auto-editing (introduced for Mac last week) and AI highlight clips for its iOS app.


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