Adobe is making it easier to create social content on mobile with AI

Adobe is making it easier for users to create and publish social content on mobile, as the company announced today that it’s launching the latest version of the Adobe Express app in beta. With this update, Adobe is bringing its Firefly AI models directly into the app, allowing users to quickly create and edit social content using generative AI tools.

The latest version of the app will allow Adobe to better compete with Canva, which introduced a suite of AI tools last year.

Adobe Express users will get access to a new “Text to Image” generator that will allow them to quickly create a new look for a project by quickly generating images with Firefly generative AI. A new “Generative Fill” feature will let them use text prompts to easily insert, remove or replace people or objects. Plus, a new “Text Effects” feature will help users quickly makes messages pop by using different text stylings.

Adobe notes that small businesses can use these features to do things like remove unwanted objects and photos to enhance their promotional content, while creative professionals can use them to accelerate mobile content creation across their social marketing teams.

Image Credits: Adobe

Creative Cloud members can use the app to access and work on creative assets from Photoshop and Illustrator directly within Adobe Express. They can also add linked files that sync in Adobe Express as they edit in Creative Cloud apps.

The Adobe Express app lets you preview and publish content to social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. It also lets you upload and share brand assets and use your specific brand’s colors and logos to speed up the design process. The app features access to thousands of video and multipage templates, along with Adobe Stock videos, music and images.

Android users can download the new Adobe Express app in beta from the Google Play store. Since Apple restricts the number of beta users in apps, iOS users need to sign up to get access to the beta app.

Today’s announcement comes a few weeks after Adobe and TikTok announced that TikTok’s AI-powered Creative Assistant is now available directly within Adobe Express. The two companies said the integration will help businesses and creators make and market content more effectively.


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